White Sea Rising by MJ Kephart


"I have one requirement with a thriller: I don't want to put the book down...Top-notch action scenes, a villain I could really hate, and a nice guy-gal duo that pull out all the stops--this book was a great surprise. Two thumbs way up."

When Barrett Ross visits an old Army buddy in Dubai, he's looking to unwind and forget. But when he steps onto the wrong floor of his luxury hotel he finds bodies strewn across the hall. A dying tourist begs him to carry a backpack to the American Embassy. In doing so, Barrett is thrust into a whirlwind of violence, deceit, and betrayal, as foreign operatives hunt for the secret that'€™s fallen into his hands. Suddenly at his side is Sada, a stunning female Mossad agent whose agenda is as unclear as her identity.

A chilling discovery sends the pair careening across three continents, saddled with a story no one believes. When a black ops unit infiltrates onto American soil, Barrett realizes only he can stop this threat. But first he'€™ll have to find a secret thatâ€'s lain buried for fifty years in a West Virginia coal mine.

This fast-paced, grittily realistic novel is the perfect summer read for anyone looking for a smart spy thriller.