Grown From a Cell - Christian Fiction by Mike Noller

Grown from a cell is, in large part auto -biographical. Like Frank Connor, I also ran from God. Unlike the main character I never went to prison, in part because I never got caught. Because of my experiences as a child of the sixties I realized that I very easily could have ended up behind bars  and now I've been a volunteer chaplain at a maximum security prison for about 10 years so I do know what it's like. Fran Connor didn't find God, God found him and caused him to end up someplace where he could no longer run: a 6x9 foot cell!

Along the way you will find out WHY Frank was running from God and witness repeated relationships, none of which were good for him and why they continue to haunt him as he tries desperately to turn his life around. Can God use him to change the people who have affected him most throughout his life? Who will most affect the man he is now?

Mike Noller

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.