Health, Sex, Money and the Curse of the Comfort Zone - Self-help by Mark Lewis

'Health, Sex, Money and the Curse of the Comfort Zone' simply and easily explains why we think the way we do and how that thinking determines ALL our outcomes.

It is written to inspire you, to make you think and most important of all to make you feel good about yourself, to recognise the beautiful and wondrous things you have done and can do in the future!

This knowledge, these feelings give you the power and energy you need to, not only set the goals you want in life, but to push ahead and achieve them!

Separated into two parts:

Part One breaks down how your mind works and how you have positioned yourself in the world today. How your life may be a projection of a model developed of no ones choosing and if left unchanged will lead to a predetermined outcome.

Part Two we continue along the journey with our new found friends as they discover themselves and use some specific tools (that are easy to use and available to you) to a more balanced and spectacular life!

The book is a labour of love. A personal story about personal struggles (just ordinary, everyday struggles) and asks the reader if they recognise, feel empathy or agree with the things they are reading then it might just be worth their while to take a further look.

You see, I've probably wasted more money than most people! On make-money products, health programs, marketing tools and diet tips. I start a program, get distracted, bored or make a lousy effort and think the program is no good. I've been to real estate, marketing and business opportunity seminars, had gym memberships and joined sporting clubs and while I thoroughly enjoy things at the time they all end up the same way… unfinished or potential unfulfilled.

I've had rollercoaster relationships with people and my credit cards. Borrowed from the mortgage and extended myself for something that was just an emotional purpose anyway. Had, what I thought would be, true and lasting relationships blow up or fade to nothing for senseless or trivial reasons.

And I never sensed they were all connected, I couldn't see that how I deal with my finances is like how I treat my relationships or how I handle my weight is the same way as how I deal with stresses. And I also never realised that there was one common factor linking them all... ME!

So I read more books, went to more courses, more seminars and tried another diet all with the same temporary improvements...

I had to discover that these courses, these methods are just marketing tools used to capture the biggest audience and are aimed at a general person.

I had to learn (and it's also important for you to know) that as individuals we are all different. We each learn at a different pace, take action at different points and are motivated by different forces and therefore they weren't speaking to me. The seminars, courses and information can be good, it's just that I wasn't ready.

So I continued on, but it was like I was forever throwing my money away, frustrated and disappointed at short term or no results.

And along with all this there were still the nagging questions “Who am I? Is this all I can be? Or am I on this earth to do more? Can I be successful, can I be rich and powerful… can I be a better me?

So i started to explore further, look deeper.. to question myself and seek truth.

I would deliberately slow down, meditate, use isolation so I could have even a brief moment to think. I allowed my inner voice to be heard. The inspirational thoughts not influenced by ego, fear or desire.

And I began to write...

More searching, more discovery followed by more writing.

That writing led to a book.