How to Become Rich by Saving Money and Living Modestly - Financial book - Adam Aldous, Steven Gonder

This e-book is a result of a lot of consideration and self-discipline and hard work relating to finances. The average American - or person of most economically well-off nations - is almost like straddled with debt and consumer expenditures. It doesn’t have to be this way. Unfortunately, some of the easier techniques for using one’s own money to greatly improve wealth aren’t always applied - or even understood. With this e-book, ways which almost anyone can conserve money effectively, whether a struggling student or a doctor, are explained.

It’s $0.99 USD for this e-book, and if these strategies, when properly applied, don’t save you at least 10x-100x+ the cost of the e-book itself, then congrats! You’d likely be nearly impeccably proficient financially. But lots of people struggle with debt, and US debt calculators alone more than show off just how severe the debt of the general populace approximately is.

Obviously success isn’t going to come to everyone who applies them. But with proper application and at least somewhat decent circumstances, lots of people can become fairly rich by using their own money rather than relying on lotteries, random income surges, or get-rich-quick schemes.