kick bACK - a romantic- comedy thirty miles out to sea by RC Atchisson

kick bACK is a valentine to, for, about, and set on the "land thirty miles out to sea" -- Nantucket.

It is a story of faith, forgiveness, and redemption that follows Joe Thornton's long, hard climb from the bottom of a bottle to his new home on a picturesque island off the coast of Massachusetts. Old friends, new friends, and an unexpected love help him learn to let go of the painful chapters of his past and embrace a future that has yet to be written.

kick bACK is a breezy read featuring age-old truths in a new tale!

kick bACK is being offered through KDP Select and will be offered free on the following days/dates:

March 30 -- the author's birthday. rather than receive a gift, it is my chance to give one.
April 22-24 in honor of Nantucket's annual Daffodil Festival (held the weekend of April 24-26)