Over the River, Through the Woods - A Christian Romantic Suspense by Jacqueline L. Landry


"The wait is over. Over the River, Through the Woods is out! Thrilling and entertaining; I couldn't put the book down! The array of emotions in this book are intense."

"Over the River, Through the Woods is a definite page-turner! I laughed, I cried, I got mad. . . I've already recommended it to my book club and all my friends."

Over the River, Through the Woods:

Life is made up not of days, but of moments.

What if, in one moment, everything you knew about your life changed forever?

Jennifer and David Brookehouse have an ecstatically happy marriage and thriving careers. She, a noted photographer, and he, an anesthesiologist with University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. She performs in musical theater and he competes in bicycle races for charity.

Jenny could never have foreseen how her life would change when she sent her husband off to a race in Vermont. In a moment, his body and mind are shattered by a drunk driver. He nearly dies and spends weeks in a coma. When he awakes, he is a changed man. Just when things seem to be getting back to normal, David disappears without a trace.

Jenny must swim a sea of red tape just to get the police involved in a case with no clues and no witnesses. When no one believes David can be found and brought home alive, Jenny has faith and refuses to give up.

As her life begins to fly out of control, Jenny meets her childhood crush, British actor, Karsen Langford, at the musical theater where she volunteers. During a production of Phantom of the Opera, their growing friendship will cause tongues to wag, and the press to link them romantically. Though innocent of any wrong-doing, Jenny will face judgment and scorn, all while desperately searching for the husband she loves.