Rock Star Rising - a thriller by Paul Kyriazi

The free, 3.5 hour audio download that comes with the Kindle version, has seven movie stars performing this mystery-thriller with 23 supporting actors. The music and effects, makes this a unique 'audio-movie'.

Whether you listen to or read this mystery-thriller, join Alan Bartlett on his dangerous search for the rock-star; Shane. Join him, as he juggles two women in his life; Connie, his marriage-minded girlfriend, and Medusa, the erotic backup singer for Shane. And join Alan, as he heads off to Texas on a crime venture, so that he can fulfill his destiny.

West Side Story actors Russ Tamblyn and George Chakiris are reunited for the first time to perform the audio-book together, even though they have remained lifelong friends.The Time Machine & Alfred Hitchcock'sThe Birds star; Rod Taylor, narrates the story, with his unique style.

I SPY's Robert Culp is reunited with Rod Taylor since co-starring in Sunday in New York. James Darren starred in the TV seriesThe Time Tunnel. Kevin McCarthy starred in the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Barbara Leigh co-starred with Rock Hudson in Pretty Maids All in a Row.