The Dulcet Constellation - a dark fantasy novel by Samuel Rippey

Darkness. Sacrifice. Privilege. Power.

Dulcet Furth is accustomed to all these things.

Living with her family in a secluded mansion, her existence is a numb routine of ritual, tradition, and obligation. The Furth’s sole visitors are the Emissaries, entities who bestow the ominous blessings of black magic.

One morning, Dulcet is receives a gift—an object with the power to sow discord in the house. Unknown to her, it is also harbinger of war.

To survive, she must fight fire with fire and enlist the aid of Hell itself...

The Dulcet Constellation is an atmospheric dark fantasy in the Gothic tradition, set in a world of angels and demons and the bizarre things in between.

Look for book two of the trilogy, The Blackwood Legion, in Summer 2015!

* * *

From Amazon reviews:

“I was constantly being drawn in and pulled along…I will definitely look for more by this author.”

“…author Samuel Rippey does a great job of building up a surreal and Romantic world before the plot kicks in with a bang.”

“The Dulcet Constellation is an expertly crafted tale of light and dark, magic and nature, adolescence and adulthood.”