She's Gone - Contemporary Fiction by Joye Emmens

A captivating tale!

It’s 1969. Jolie stands on the deck of her parents’ Santa Barbara home watching an uncontrolled oil spill overtake 150 square miles. She is outraged and motivated to do something. Jolie’s father may be an oil executive, but that doesn’t stop her from hitchhiking to the harbor and joining an anti-oil drilling protest.

When a television broadcast shows her protesting, Jolie’s father prohibits any more involvement. This fuels the fire burning inside of her, and she flees home with Will, her older boyfriend. Idealistic and ready for anything, Jolie follows Will into the eye of the hurricane, the 1960's counterculture.

Thrown into an adult world, Jolie lies about her age and identity and quickly discovers that nearly everything is more complicated than it seems—Will included.  Jolie’s emotional and spiritual journey is one of pain, resilience, fear, and hope, as she navigates an increasingly controlling boyfriend and her own personal convictions.

Filled with colorful settings, characters, and distinctive music of the times, She’s Gone is a heartfelt tale that follows a young woman’s odyssey through the unrest of the Vietnam War, an underground free press, the start of the environmental movement and the Women’s Liberation Movement.