The Immortality Plot - a thriller by David Callinan

A new kind of thriller protagonist meets an antagonist that makes Hannibal Lecter look like Little Bo-Peep – so says reviewer Glenda Bixler. Imagine Jack Reacher with a spiritual, conflicted nature battling to adhere to a promise he has made – never to kill again. Until his pregnant wife is murdered.

Some say human cloning that results in a perfect copy of a human being is impossible, and if it was it would still be highly illegal. The truth lies inside the pages of ‘The Immortality Plot’.

Ex US government assassin and Hong Kong Police martial arts enforcer Mike Delaney is kicked out of the force on a trumped up charge along with his partner Bob Messenger.

Delaney drops out and joins a reclusive esoteric monastic brotherhood while Messenger forms – a global crime busting website where ordinary people fight back against injustice, each with their own code name.

Delaney falls in love, leaves the monastery and marries. One year later his investigative journalist wife is brutally murdered by a contract serial killer known as 'The Priest'. She is one of many.

Delaney vows to track down 'The Priest'. He discovers his wife was about to expose a global plot known as The Renaissance Project involving the richest and most powerful people on the planet who pay huge sums to attain true immortality. The 'Priest' is their tame assassin (but Lucius Gynt is not as tame as they think he is).

On the confess-confess website Delaney's code name is 'The Monk'. His search for 'The Priest', and uncovering the labyrinthine Renaissance Project will test his skills to the limit and put his life on the line.