The Lyre and The Lambs - fiction by Sydney Avey

The Lyre and The Lambs, available on in Kindle and paperback, coming soon in audio.

Sometimes you get what you pray for. Set in California in the tumultuous Sixties, Dee and Father Mike are back, and both their lives are about to be turned upside down.

Dee’s not lonely anymore. When Dee and her new husband move in with her daughter and her new husband, she discovers that a feast of family can bring a plate load of problems. Their open door policy attracts young people, including a troubled boy who becomes a beacon for angry neighbors.

Father Mike has lost his church, but not his calling. A mentor to youth, he has also become a comfort to a grieving widow and now he is questioning his future.

In this sequel to The Sheep Walker’s Daughter, the tables are turned and it is Dee who encourages Father Mike to be bold and take the gift that God is offering him. But the Anglican priest has a self-image and a family history to overcome.

What reviewers are saying:

…Another beautifully written story that is compassionately told. The story is so real it could have been on the headlines of the Los Gatos times in the 60's
…a wonderful story of family, repairing and rebuilding relationships
…romance and yes heartache
…suspense, mystery, neighbors ready to throw stones at the 'glass' house

A good book club choice.