The Wheels of Change - A Romantic Suspense by Sandy Appleyard

Jake Campbell lies dead on his living room floor.  His neighbour stands over him with a gun in his hand, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.

Max Dunphy comes home from work to find his alcoholic wife passed out, bearing a cell phone message in her hand from Simon Cross, indicating she’s had an affair with him.  Angry and on a mission, Max jumps into his car and heads to Cross Advertising, where he tampers with the brakes on Simon’s luxury car.

A terrifying drive home ensues, and Simon wakes in a hospital, numb from the waste down.  Seemingly paralyzed forever, Simon is forced to re-evaluate his questionable lifestyle.  Despite his affliction, he’s still frowned upon as a person.  It isn’t until he is acquainted with his occupational therapist that he begins seeing life through another person’s eyes…a homosexual who has suffered a painful past.

As another person dies, police soon believe that Max Dunphy is to blame for the murders, so they place Simon under protective watch, but when another body turns up freshly dead while Max is behind bars, authorities release the wheelchair-bound man from protection, but not before the real killer pays Simon and unwelcome visit.

Tortured by his own past and the losses he’s recently suffered, Simon is once again in danger, but will he be able to evade what others believe he deserves, before it’s too late?  Can a troubled escape his own karma?  You decide.