Deep Deceit - Mystery/Suspense by Anne Louise O'Connell

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There are so many deep mysteries that swirl around the exotic city of Dubai and the stories you read have just enough believability that you don't know what's fact and what's fiction. I lived in Dubai for four years and saw some amazing sites and glimpsed a slightly darker side to the glitz and glamour. As an author, my mind grabs onto a spark of an idea and my imagination takes wing... and that's what happened when the idea for this novel, Deep Deceit came to me.

I had heard stories and saw with my own eyes, the ladies of the night that made hotel lobbies and nightclubs their nightly 'offices' and heard with my own ears, stories of expats (some as young as 18 or 19) being driven by taxis directly to the police station for being visibly intoxicated. So, some of the scenes you'll read in this novel are based on fact, with a huge dollop of fiction, that I liberally slather in from my active imagination.

The story revolves around an 18-year-old girl, Tamara, who goes missing in Dubai while at a nightclub with her friends and the search that ensues. But, the police are not leading the search because Tamara is technically an adult. Her mother Celeste, and fellow expat and newfound friend, Susan head up the hunt through dark alleys of Deep Deceit. The search takes them to Saudi Arabia where Celeste's husband is working and what the two women uncover as they get closer to finding the truth about Tamara's disappearance is just too shocking to believe.