Dragon Faith - Mystery/Suspense/Christian by Richard Heard


A family fights for survival after a new bill mandate enforces microchip insertion in all humans. The Sandy family prepares for the upcoming thanksgiving feast. Meanwhile, newly elected Governor Thomas Russell prepares to make his announcement. He has just passed 'The Protection Act' bill. The bill is touted to stop immediately identity theft. However, the bill is sinister. In order to carry out the new order, all Pennsylvanians will have to be processed. Fingerprint analysis and microchip implementation is the law. The Sandy family are one of the first batch of civilians to receive their summons to appear after thanksgiving. Young Elroy Sandy, leads his family back to their spiritual  roots before the confrontation with the authorities.

The death of a next door neighbor starts A flurry of head scratching events.
These  unusual happenings during this holiday season continues. The family is being watched. They must conform .The new agenda is at hand. Whoever resist the chip will be punished. Elroy,  calls on Reverend Brown for guidance. His parents and sister  are all at risk for branding. Will they take a stand?