Kate's Blessing - a Modern Day Christian Romance by Kim Blair


A story of Love, devotion and greed

A full of suspense story

Kate’s Blessing is a Christian Romance about Kate Woods who has recently lost her beloved husband of almost 34 years.  Kate now finds herself having to run the company that she and her husband built almost ten years ago.  Kate is convinced with Gods help she can make the company continue to prosper.  Also knowing that replacing her beloved husband in the business is going to be an insurmountable task. Her best prospect for this position is her most loyal employee, Timothy Davis.  Kate knows this promotion is going to creates conflict with another employee who has a similar work background and is five years his senior.

Bill is determined to win Kate’s affection, not because he loves her or cares for her only because he wants the supervisor position for himself.  He tries to sweep her off her feet and when that does not work, he actually makes cruel accusations of inappropriate relations with Timothy.  Which is the farthest thing from the truth as Kate is strictly professional. Kate does have feelings for Timothy but will not let them develop with an employee.  This presents a problem when Timothy falls in love with Kate.

Kate’s morals and ethics prevent her from seeing God’s true blessing for her.   So God works through the only man she trust, her father, to intervene for her to open her heart to the spiritual blessing which allows her to love once more.