King Edward the Last by Graeme Ratcliffe

It is 1936 and King Edward must make a choice: keep his crown or marry Wallis Simpson.

Wallis is a divorced woman. If he marries her he will be forced to abdicate, but what if he should keep her as his mistress and thereby keep his crown? Would Wallis accept a life forever in the shadows or could she become the power behind the throne?

It is the Great Depression. The people are starving. King Edward demands that something be done, but the King’s government is weak. Hitler and Stalin are on the rampage, war looms, but the King’s government is weaker still.

The military swears an oath of allegiance to the King, not the government. Will King Edward seize back the lost powers of the sovereign, be the next strong man of Europe?

Will Edward and Wallis take over?

King Edward the Last. When he chose duty over love.

“This is one of the most believable alt histories I have read. So much of it follows real events and deviates as little as necessary to create an excellent fiction.”
Gary H Dicker, 24 January 2015