Last Exit for Evermore - A Sci-Fi/Action novel by J. Michael Cook

The greatest civilizations of all time harbored an incredible secret--an incredible power. They used it to build pyramids and erect obelisks. They used it to fashion astonishing monuments that outlasted the most powerful dynasties on earth. Some even used it to fly. Now, thousands of years after those miraculous societies of stars and stone have crumbled to dust--their bastard stepchild, the empire of oil and electricity--has ground to an apocalyptic halt. The time for the great secret to be revealed has arisen once more.

               Jack was thrown into the war like a sack of potatoes--if you remember potatoes. He had no choice. His options were few. Jack hated life under the dome. A couple short hours ago, hacking transportation bots, stealing food bars and providing THCigs for his quad mates was just enough for him to preserve his sanity. But now, all hell had broken loose. Great plumes of fire and ash churned around the under surface of the dome as the herculean city seemed intent on self-destruction.

               After two decades of hunger, strife and subservience, Jack now wielded one of the most powerful armor sets known to man. With a buxom and brilliant new ally at his side, the impossibilities of the stolen armor were slowly coming to light. The filtration and HUD were life savers. The Locomotion Energetics was intoxicating. The directed energy weapon at his fingertips could slice and melt and batter the most sinister of his gangland enemies to a bloody pulp. The incredible power made him giggle with school-girl delight.

But today's enemies were far more sophisticated than yesterday's enemies. The roving patrols and strangulating blockdowns were bad. The autonomous drones were worse. But the relentless, shadow-black Axion warriors—constantly at their heel—simply defied explanation.
There was much more to the technology of the elite than met the eye, but Jack, Jett and Anvil would find out what it was if it was the last thing they ever did.