Losing it – A Urban Fantasy Novel by Elizabeth Armstrong


Free on the 11th and 12th of March

Kate Winters is more than ready to chalk up the sudden invasion of trolls and knife wielding pixies to an inconveniently timed mental breakdown, after all with a serial killer on the loose it’s not as if London is short of real monsters.
            Still reeling from the loss of her husband and a long way from her home in San Francisco, Kate doesn’t have any plans beyond just getting by until a misguided attempt to help a young girl with her own apparent mental health issues leaves her standing between a murder suspect and the police. There are some things you can’t walk away from and some mysteries that can only be solved at a cost. Nothing is what it seems as she is forced to learn the difference between murder and sacrifice.
            Now she’s living in a world where a Seer’s prophesy is unbreakable and demons stalk the shadows waiting to rip through the veil that divides the worlds. This isn’t like in the fairy tales, the Incubus has emotional issues, the only angel in the picture isn’t entirely sure that she counts as one of God’s children, the nuns aren't vindictive and nightmares can come to life.