Meeting - a paranormal romance by Hollie Delaney

The first novel in a series of paranormal romance, shaman, spirits, vampires and normal, imperfect people in the world we know.

‘Meeting’ wraps an inside look at the real estate business around a provocative tale of the paranormal splashed with sizzle.

Victoria Hamilton’s life was finally working for her.  At her age that she refers to as ‘very late middle age’, it was about freaking time.  After all, been there – done that and didn’t even get the freaking tee shirt.  Yes, her face shows wear, her body softer than she’d like, but all in all, no complaints… ‘except for the dang shirt’.  Kids grown with children of their own.  Husbands tried out and gone.

With a little business that treats her well, Victoria can buy her lattes, ignore the kitchen for her personal chiefs on her take-out speed dial and wear her ‘evening clothes’ – sweats and a tee shirt – to pay her bills and do much of her business.  She knew she was marking time and Victoria was fine with it.

But, in the dead of that one winter, when Victoria’s life and business were normally slow in Newport, things began to get ‘odd’.  The well-dressed man in the library staring at her without embarrassment when she met his eyes seemed to crawl up her spine.  The same man standing on the snowbank after dark watching her get into her car.  Then again, across from her office in broad daylight standing as a statue on the coldest, windswept day of the year, watching some guy almost knock her to the icy sidewalk.

A strange referral from long quiet, foreign Clients who, when she called, couldn’t quite remember, nor could they describe the subject of their referral.  This contact was quickly followed by a phone call from an unknown lawyer referencing an unread email requesting a meeting that day to review potential properties.  Victoria doesn’t do command performances, hasn’t in years and politely suggests the following day.

Fishing for more information that is nicely sidestepped, she watches her aging computer open the email and quickly reads the words of the not quite remembered man.  Johnathan Keirns… my representative… lawyer… full faith… yadda, yadda… $10,000,000… What?  She read the number again.  ‘Bullshit’ is her first thought.  The second – ‘typo, too many zeros’.  After all, referrals are ninety percent of the business and always welcome, but ‘there are no Santa Clauses in drugs or Real Estate’.  Someone was tugging her chain or it was definitely a typo.

Oh, yeah.  Victoria’s uneventful world was getting ‘odd’.