Mr. Winters - Alpha's Second Chance - Paranormal Romance by Jocelyn Thomas

A story of fate, second chances, suspense and romance!

24 year old Lexi Jenkins has had nothing but shitty luck with men and life in general in the past. Vowing to write men off and stay solo, she gets a rude awakening when she meets Mr. Winters.

He is tall, dark, and is raw sex appeal. He is everything she wants, but can't have. She refuses to let any man in.

Kris Winters is rich, powerful and the Alpha Wolf of Vancouver. When he see's something he wants, he always get's it. No matter what the cost. And he wants Lexi.

When Lexi's past suddenly becomes her present, she is forced to face the reality of it. Will she run or embrace him? Will she be the alpha's second chance?