The Protector of Memories - fantasy by D.K. Manning

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There is a veil that shimmers – unseen – it hovers in front of humankind and prevents them from being able to see their ghosts.
The ghosts call it; The Veil of Death because as far as Human Beings are concerned, they are dead.

The only knowledge that the ghosts of present day have managed to ascertain about the Veil of Death’s history is that a group of ghosts called ‘The Ancestors’ from a long, long time ago, crafted it, but as to why? Well… that answer remains as much a mystery as to the whereabouts of ‘The Ancestors’.

And so… when a Soul leaves its mortal body and embarks on a life as a ghost, it learns to take pleasure in the small victories that are obtained when attempting to make contact with their loved ones. The joy experienced when a hazy image of their human form is seen… the exhilaration when their presence is felt as they meander in and out of a mortal body – then there is the momentous occasions when a ghost makes contact with an object and that object actually moves.

As to the veil… well - Humans do discover soon enough that ghosts exist when they themselves become one.

But then a shift occurred - the moment when Zeus and Eurynome punishment Hera for the crimes that she committed against the Immortal children… they turned her into a ghost.