Raven's Tears by Alesia & Michael Matson


“...a sweet, hot story of love, sacrifice, and truth. An epic love story. I can hardly wait to see what comes next.” - MyBookAddiction

It's a tale that's been 15 years in the telling, but now you can enjoy this first book of The Raven & The Iris as a 21st century work of fantasy fiction. Each ebook is complete with links that will take you right into Raven & Iris' world for background, maps, and inside information that will help you immerse yourself in this haunting, sexy tale of love, lies, sacrifice, and redemption.

Angelique Blakesly is the Iris, a lovely noblewoman and devout member of the Guardian Paladin church. She's also a "lost heir," reclaimed from the gore and the chaos of war-torn Vin-Nore to take over the derelict barony of Carlisle in the distant kingdom of Cascadia. In Fernwall, the capital, she lives as any other widowed aristocrat and maintains a careful public facade of dignified reserve - by day, anyway. By night, she uses what she learned during the endless society functions to set up and commit high-profile thefts, under the direction and control of her one-time savior, protector, and now her solicitor, Louis Arnot.

Vincent Sultaire is a well-born knight of the City-State of Fernwall who's turned against his class. As “Raven,” he’s a charming, smooth-talking womanizer, confidence artist, and information dealer. Vincent's been caught at one of his games, however; tried and found guilty for blackmail and extortion, he's been convicted to serve a sentence of indenture to the city-state - as a member of Fernwall's law enforcement! Unrepentant to the last, Raven's also playing a double game, using what he learns as both cop and con to keep himself entertained and out of trouble until his sentence is completed.

They're already lovers when the story begins, a relationship underpinned by the separate webs of lies they both employ to keep those double lives a secret. It's only when Iris steals the priceless Mâgun-Zak, a jewel of inestimable value on loan from a foreign collector - and when Sir Vincent, as Chief Inspector, is assigned to solve the case - that their two secret lives collide and begin to unravel.

Can Angel win free of Louis' control before Vincent discovers what she's done? Can she possibly tell Vincent the truth? Or, will Vincent discover it first? Could he arrest her, if he did? Set in the fantasy world of Menelon, Raven & Iris must navigate the treacherous byways of deception, magic, and post-war chaos to answer all this - without losing themselves or each other in the doing!