Shari's Shot - A cozy mystery by James Ross

KDP Select free dates - March 18-19, April 6-7, April 23. All in 2015.

The recurring characters at Prairie Winds Golf Course keep delivering interesting plots. Readers have been quick to identify with the eclectic bunch which represent a cross section of American life. Middle class America mixes with those that are new to US soil in all of my character-based novels.

It's been fun to create the regulars. Two brothers, J Dub and Curt run the pro shop. Julie, the assistant, is their "right-hand man" and very much a fixture. Captain Jer, a retired commercial airline pilot, is the clubhouse drunk. Fred and Pork Chop are portly behemoths. Paul is the retired military officer that is a perfectionist. Elia is a transplanted barber from Beirut. Paco owns his own lawn care business. He hails from south of the border. YouWho is a businessman from Japan whose real name is Yuuto but that was too difficult for the guys to pronounce. Scottie P is the tallest and best looking guy in the group. He just happens to be the live-in lover of Father Blair, the local Catholic priest. Doc, an aged veterinarian, babysits Captain Jer. Their sidekick is an old vaudeville performer named Lemuel Trot. The clubhouse wouldn't be complete without BowTye. He's the black clubhouse attendant that at one time was the king of the rock-a-billy blues.

Join the guys. They all have one thing in common. Golf. Each story introduces 20 or so new characters, some of which become fixtures.

New readers will find that an interesting new writing style has grown popular with my fans. Alternative means of communication such as texts and e-mails are used to advance the story. It has been a fun way for me tell the story as well. Shari's Shot delivers many clues in this manner. See if you can figure out the ending!