Soul Syphon: New ends to old beginnings - a horror/mystery novel by Johannes Teeuw

The first novel in the series involving a handful of survivors in a zombie apocalyptic world, the four horsemen, a plot to destroy existence, and some laughs.

Mike Watterson is an average person who gets drunk after losing out on the promotion that could change his life. He unknowingly wakes to a zombie apocalypse, but does not figure it out until he gets to work the next day.

Later when he is trapped by a horde, he is saved by Death himself. It is explained that he cannot reap the souls of the undead which fill the waters of River Styx that provides energy to Heaven and Hell and without power, existence will soon cease. He recruits Mike to investigate the area where the infestation started on Earth while he and his horsemen investigate the afterlife in belief of supernatural beings are involved with the plague as well.

It is a survival story for Mike Watterson as he meets a stranger during his travels. The horsemen find interesting allies while revealing traitors they would have never suspected. They also find an unknown figure behind the scenes who is pulling their strings.

Secrets are revealed from the past that test Death's resolve. The horsemen are broken up. All paths lead up to one man who may hold the answers and a cure to the zombie epidemic.