Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1) - a YA Urban Fantasy/Romance by Bailey Ardisone


The story of a modern girl who gets intertwined with a secret, dying kingdom and the mysterious, dangerous boy destined to save it. Her name is Nariella Woodlinn -- a simple girl who wants nothing more than to ditch her small town and the abusive foster parent she's otherwise stuck with. But she never expected to run into Mycah Nightly -- a not-so-simple guy who wants nothing more than to escape the deadly men chasing after him. When Nari is thrown into the mix, now all she wants to do is stay alive.

And even more, be let in on Mycah's great secret.

Then there's Naminé -- the weaving storyline of a girl born of an ancient world who is desperate to find the saviors of her dying kingdom. She knows they're out there -- if only she could speak to them through their dreams. She does everything she can to protect her people, her family, and her secret supernatural ability. Even if it means committing treason.

Suspense, mystery, and the bloom of first loves abound in this urban fantasy -- it'll be a fresh take on elves you won't ever forget.