Tempest - Romantic Suspense novel by Susan Elle



I think I fell a little in love with Ryan Tempest while writing this book. He has a strong character - determined, professionally at the top of his game – but his caring side shines through above all else.
Let’s face it, he has to have a strong self-belief when the woman he falls for still has a husband hanging around – the fact that Cade is dead just makes him harder to compete with!

Shenna loved her husband with all her heart – when he was taken from her he left her with the gift of a son just growing in her belly.
Neirin is super smart, his brain is like blotting paper just soaking up as much information as his mother can provide, and when he meets Ryan Tempest they bond instantly.

Archaeology becomes Neirin’s big love – Ryan Tempest is a world renowned archaeologist and takes the boy, and his mother, firmly under his wing.
However, Shenna has been coping just fine on her own since her husband’s demise and isn’t sure she even likes the bossy interloper – and wouldn’t you know it,
there’s a jealous she-bitch-from-hell in the background causing trouble and we all know where that leads!

Love, resistance, jealousy and an undercurrent of danger and suspense give this romance story, with a touch of the paranormal, all the ingredients for a great read. Enjoy xxx