The Consciousness Bearers - a psychology kindle book by Ruth Golan

This Book contains articles that deal with the spiritual context of life, looking at psychoanalysis from a new angle. It includes an integrative model that places the psychoanalytical insights on the human psyche in a wider context of the evolutionary process. The author posits that the awakening of the spiritual impulse is an aspiration to higher consciousness, to subtler perception that is expressed in the spiritual impulse as the movement or action towards conscious evolution. It is a development of awareness to three things: to the absolute dimension, to the relative dimension, and to the fact that they are one.


"This is an interesting book that defies easy categorization and, thereby, demonstrates many of the tenets and arguments the author is presenting. It is a book, fundamentally, about freedom and in its unusual mix of theory, private musings, keen observation, self-reflection and erudition, it presents a liberated literary expression of the ideas, potentialities and inhibitors of the human capacity for psychological and spiritual unboundedness. The book is divided into three sections, which though not necessarily related, work together to create a larger understanding of what Golan is proposing: our responsibility to life and consciousness and culture matters. In other words, she goes after her subject in multiple ways and thereby produces a book that is greater than the sum of its parts. In it you will read, among other things, about the theories of Freud and Lacan, philosophy, contemporary film and what it's like to be on retreat with a spiritual teacher. Don't miss it!" ( Carol Ann Raphael)

"This book opens up a new perspective of the human potential, connecting the psychological with the spiritual.written in a combination of essential knowledge and personal self-expierience. I highly recommend !" (yael cherniak)