Coalescence - SCI FI Thriller by Gary Starta

Even if you don’t normally read SCI FI, I have found readers who have taken a chance on my previous books appreciate how I am able to describe scientific theories in a way which is easily understandable and makes them think how their everyday lives could be impacted.

I find the fact that DNA coding can be altered is quite fascinating. Decades ago we were led to believe the coding was permanent. However, it has been posited both light and vibration can rewrite DNA. How might this happen you ask? See, you already interested in my book.

What if were attuned to a certain vibration or frequency that could lead to a transformation? Suppose we meditated or heard a vibration – with not our ears – but our other senses and this enabled us to access parts of our brains previously uncharted? Could we develop special abilities or even transform into light beings? Zen masters have been witnessed to elevate themselves off the floor via levitation? It seems that a belief system, a diet and vibration may be responsible. So, is this really science theory or even fiction? Or, quite possibly a fact mainstream science has yet to admit exists?

I do admit that these theories may not be welcome in universities because they are proving the old dogma to be incorrect. Some will resist this new thinking. And those that embrace this thinking may become enlightened as monks are and experience a more integrated experience with the universe. Because we do not access most of our brain, it may seem we are cut off from the universe and stare up at the stars in only wonder. However, I believe we are all connected thanks to various energy fields yet to be discovered; and when they are, we will be able to tap into the universe as if it were a library of information.

Iris Camden thought she knew who were family was even if they weren’t always forthcoming. Her half sister is a medium reeling from the loss of her biological mother. Her estranged father is an obsessed government worker who cannot reveal what he does. When an artifact appears in a ghost hunting expedition, Iris is the last person who wants to believe in aliens.

Consulting a UFO chasing scientist, Iris learns the artifact may be a defense system keeping Earth from falling under a hybridization plan. A species known as the Grey’s are thought to possess a light weapon capable of causing rapid evolution. The scientist Mitchell is certain such a theory could become reality. Yet Iris remains skeptical until her investigation unravels dark secrets about the two people she thought she could trust.  Now Iris wonders if family or strangers are the more dangerous.