The Silvering of Loran - a fantasy coming of age for adults and teens by G.B. Wren

The inspiration for this story came from a curious childhood experience. It was a lazy afternoon and I had just come indoors from the humid heat that lingered every summer. I crossed into my bedroom, and for some reason I can't remember, I stopped at the mirror above my dresser, probably to get something from the drawers below. I started to stare at my eyes reflected in the mirror and drifted, becoming entangled in my imagination. The world around me faded away. For a moment, a tiny moment, I felt connected to something beyond myself.

I've taken that long ago memory a step further and used it to weave a fantasy world. A world where the mirror, for some, has a greater value than can be imagined.

About The Silvering of Loran:

Magic alone won't set everything right, but it's a good start.

When Loran Avileen receives a gift that reveals magic is real, she discovers her father, the sovereign of the Avileen Empire, has banished any knowledge of it. But his edicts are in question since an evil started manipulating the future of her bloodline.

To defeat a powerful adversary Loran must change her father's destiny, while shaping her own. She will need the knowledge of magic held by a man who doesn't seem to age to save her family from an ageless evil. She will have just one chance to forge the destiny she craves, before evil destroys her family, and her future.