The Town Slut's Daughter - a novel by Heather Haley

Kindle Countdown Promotion March 9-11, 2015

With a staccato narrative style and singular descriptive cadence, Canadian poet Heather Haley's incendiary debut novel, The Town Slut's Daughter engages the reader through deftly drawn characters and a series of startling events.

"Worth the danger. Challenge yourself to enter the pain and ecstasy of Fiona's life - all that stuff that makes sex good and dangerous. Reader beware. You may find yourself reading The Town Slut’s Daughter in one sitting, recommending it others, and never seeing your copy again."

"If you like living dangerously, or reading about it, this book's for you. This Fiona's on fire. This is Punk Literature at its unique and original best and it's wonderful to see it happen: PUNK LITERATURE, not Beat literature, although the resemblance shares more than some literary kinship. West-coast L.A. and Vancouver, the anarchic poetry, music, and the days it was re-born. This novel is tough, full of trash talk, betrayals and stoned, straight, bi, and anyways sex, with a Cinderella-like heroine running into the flames of her makings. Don't look for safety, predictable outcomes, or even love that doesn't come without the scars of burnt offerings."

"The Town Slut's Daughter takes you into the dark side of the music business. Why it makes punk rock seem tame in comparison.”

"Raw, Hard Core, a Turn On. Couldn't put the book down. A great read that takes you under the skin of Fiona."