The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest - psych drama by Donna Friess

This stunning  story is of love, secrets, loss, and redemption.

Author Donna Friess is best known for her  international best selling autobiography,  Cry the Darkness: One Woman’s Triumph Over the Tragedy of Incest. She has hit a home run yet again!  With a gripping plot, she takes the reader  through her character, Shelby’s,  agonizing  struggle with secret keeping and its fallout.

“A testimony of love; it's no surprise to learn that Donna's debut novel has been selected as 'Spirited Woman's Pick of the Year'. Having previously read her much acclaimed autobiography, Cry the Darkness, I expected another  gut-grabbing story. But this poignant book unravels even more conflicting emotions: an adoptee's right to know and a mother's right to privacy. To turn psychological fiction into an intriguing plot through a meander of unexpected events requires in depth knowledge of the subject. Dr Donna Friess, life coach and grief counselor, is no amateur at  disentangling crippling emotions.”
 Rosemary Rudland, author: That Summer in Normandy

“Shelby is a dramatic character who has it all but her life’s gifts are overshadowed by her  terrible secret and how she is compelled  deal with it head on. I honestly could not put the book down! It is rich with love, history, art, psychology and neurological information.  It is a must read! Mary Berberich, Reader.