Way of the Junglepreneur - a business, self-help guide by David Fasanya

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The Best Business Book for Learning to Survive and Thrive in any Environment

The business world today is really like a jungle and this book will show you exactly how to thrive in any tough business terrain.

In this book you will learn about:

Who is the Junglepreneur?
Where the Future of Global Business is headed
How to Succeed in Tough Times and Tough Places
The Tools & Frameworks You Need to Conquer the Business Jungle
The Right Mindset for Jungle Success
How to Network in the New Jungle Landscape
How to Make Money and Hunt for Big Game in the business Jungle
How to Develop a Jungle Attitude
Author David O. Fasanya has applied here his over 20 years of real world business experience. In this book he uses his skills and knowledge as a successful business person and management expert to show you how to unlock your potential and unleash your inner Junglepreneur. Reading this book is like getting a practical masters course in modern business.

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  Praise for David O. Fasanya and The Way of the Jungleprenuer:

“Many people fail to succeed in tough business terrains. Reading the tips in Way of the Junglepreneur will help anyone overcome the obstacles and succeed. I like this book by David so much and would want to make it clear that in our company we have lived and are living the exact principles outlined in this great book” Professor Alexandre de Sene Pinto, Partner and Director of R&D, Bugs Agentes Biologocos (Bug Biological Agents), Brazil. World Economic Forum - Technology Pioneer Awardee,2014

“As someone who literally does business in the Jungles of Africa, I can very much relate to this fantastic piece of work. David captures the true essence of what is required in order to survive and thrive in cut throat business environments. It is essential reading and a great guide” Alpesh Kumar Patel, Founder and CEO of Mi-Fone and OJU Africa Ltd (Mi-Fone is the fastest growing mobile devices brand in Africa)

“David Fasanya’s book sets out clearly and succinctly a valuable set of principles which are essential for Today’s business person operating in highly changeable and volatile markets. It is an extremely well written and thought provoking book, and I would highly recommend it” Robert Ingham, Director, Glasson Grains and International Seaport, UK

“As a business guide for challenging environments, this book contains everything you need to know. It is brimming with straightforward frameworks that anyone can use to overcome any business terrain." Dr. Keith Ashcroft, PhD. (Edinburgh) Chartered Psychologist & Director, Centre for Forensic Neuroscience, UK.

“Way of the Junglepreneur contains absolutely amazing business concepts and frameworks which are required for every business person currently in challenging and dynamic business environments. The approaches work in all emerging markets and David Fasanya has written a business book that will inspire generations” Alex C.C. Pun, Regional Product Manager, Phillips. Shanghai, China.

About David O. Fasanya:

Born in Zambia and nurtured across Africa and Europe, the author has over 20 years business experience. He has successfully navigated tough jungle-like territories in developing and developed countries to co-found, manage or invest in diverse businesses. A subject matter expert in global strategic management, David holds 4 degrees including an MSc. with Distinction in International Business and Finance from Leicester Business School, UK. He is presently the chief terrain officer at The Junglepreneur Group and can be reached through the website www.junglepreneur.com.