Wheel of Fortune: The Latest 'Ripped From the Headlines' Detective Louis Martelli, NYPD, Mystery/Thriller from Theodore Jerome Cohen


Inspired by a real FBI sting

Note that the Martelli series can be read in any order

Here’s what reviewers said about this latest thriller:

"Raises the bar for aspiring writers of police fiction. This is a captivating tale of good versus evil played out on a grand scale. Almost too involved to be wholly fictional." ~ Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

Colorful characters, witty dialogue … a visual reading experience. Guaranteed to captivate and satisfy readers. The fast pace creates an exciting and entertaining read. One can clearly appreciate the fact Cohen is a virtuoso in writing techniques, and the Det. Louis Martelli Series is destined to become a favorite of all who pick up or click through Wheel of Fortune." ~ Gary Sorkin for Pacific Book Review

"A fast-paced, intelligent mystery with intricate plot development and action. This book stands out from the crowd." ~ Krista Schnee for Hollywood Book Review

"A thrilling ride . . . hard to put down. Wheel of Fortune will keep rolling in the reader's mind long after the book is put down." ~ Michel Violante for Reader Views

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect (from Chapter Ten):

Ron Bishop was the former FBI Special Agent in Charge for New York City before he was reassigned to Anchorage, Alaska, in January 2011 for gross mishandling of a murder investigation that saw the Bureau butt heads with the New York Police Department in late 2010 . . . and lose.
For Martelli’s part, the battle between him and Bishop was personal. Years earlier, Bishop had accidentally fired a slug into Martelli’s prosthetic leg while the two men were taking down a gang that was hauling cigarettes up from North Carolina. The accidental shooting was something Martelli would not let the agent forget. ‘It could have been my good leg you hit, and then, where would I have been?’ Martelli had shouted at the agent when they first met to discuss the murder investigation.
Then, adding insult to injury, the Bureau attempted to wrestle the case—which involved a murdered international banker—away from the NYPD. The reason was, Martelli’s murder investigation threatened to derail an FBI investigation into the funding of Islamic terrorists by two US-based organizations, one located on Wall Street, the other, in Brooklyn. It was Dugan’s hacking into Bishop’s files on the FBI’s secure server in Quantico that provided Martelli with the data he needed not only to solve the murder, but also, to arrest the men who had been funding terrorism in the Middle East. Bishop took the fall for the Bureau’s failure to close the terrorism case, and it was months before he figured out, though he never was able to prove, how Martelli had outsmarted him.
Now it appeared the two men were about to face off again—except that Bishop did not have a clue that Martelli was about to enter the FBI’s domain. And Martelli could not have been more puzzled as to why Bishop, of all people, had just walked out of the apartment building in which the detectives believed their victim had lived.
After watching Bishop and his partner leave the area, Martelli spoke. “This is unbelievable, Sean. It’s been well over three years since they booted Bishop to the Land of the Midnight Sun. Yet who should show up in Brooklyn, in front of this very apartment, on this very morning, but that ass!  Talk about destroying my day!
“Dugan was right. This case doesn’t pass the smell test. Something’s very wrong.”
Martelli called Antonetti using his car’s hands-free cell phone capability.
“Gooood morning, Louis. Isn’t this just the best day we’ve had all week? And it’s Friday, to boot!”
“Well, I hate to break it to you, Michael, but Bishop is back in our lives.”
“What are you talking about?” asked Antonetti, the deputy coroner.
“Sean and I just saw him coming out of the building we believe our Jane Doe had an apartment in. Something doesn’t compute here. Why is the FBI interested in this woman? What’s she to them?  Have you had any inquiries from the Bureau regarding someone fitting the description of our vic?”