Worse Than Senseless Things - a science fiction thriller by J.Battle


Worse Than Senseless Things

With a devastated Earth, and the remnants of humanity reaching out to the stars, it's not a great time to catch the attention of the bellicose and malodorous Hru-argh, and it is certainly bad timing for Dan, to be caught on a space station orbiting Tau Ceti E when they mount their first attack.

The attack is foiled by the actions of Jashna-del, a winged creature of power and short temper. But this only serves to escalate the response of the Hru-argh and mankind must suffer the consequences.

As their navy consists of only three ships, and possesses only a dozen smart weapons. Humanity needs a savior. Will it be Dan, the hero turned thief? Will it be Andreas, with his remarkable but erratic brain? What about Sublan, the leader of the Sherdling, if he can stop talking long enough? Could it be Stave, the diminutive blue hominid with his own agenda and interpretation of his orders?

All will be revealed...

When I started to write this book, the plan was for a dark hard science fiction thriller; full of drama and treachery, and unconsidered outcomes. Then the Hru-arghs and the Sub-dubs began to appear on the page; the first, nasty and disgusting; the second, full of potential for heroism. Both allowed plenty of opportunity to inject a little humor into the book, so it’s not quite as dark as I originally intended.  Also, I had three possible endings to the book. One was stark and doom-laden. One was a happy Hollywood ending, with smiles and clapped shoulders. The third was a little different.

I won’t tell you which one I went for.