A Blues Life - A Memoir by Nome Trattenuta

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The late, great P.G. Wodehouse is the primary influence on Nome Trattenuta’s narrative style and sense of humor, though Mr. Trattenuta’s subject matter leans more toward that found in Russell Brand’s or Hunter S. Thompson’s more disreputable confessions.  John Mortimer’s Rumpole stories, early Rod Stewart album liner notes, Stephen Fry’s memoirs, every episode of Monty Python and the collected ravings of Daffy Duck have all left their respective marks too.  “A Blues Life” uses English English spelling and is peppered with British slang (with explanatory footnotes for American readers) and somehow finds a middle ground between a high-brow command of the language and the low-brow antics described.  And though no photographic evidence has been offered, compensation has been made by way of the inclusion of some of Nome Trattenuta’s lyrics germain to the chapters they follow.  (Perhaps one day you will hear the recordings…)  But first, last and in-between, “A Blues Life” is the tale of an artist's struggle with Bipolar Disorder in the course of his life and professional career—his ups and downs, triumphs and failures, and times of pride and joy pitted against those of woe and truly comedic embarrassment.  Bits of it would translate well to film if you’re reading, Mr. Gilliam!