Deathspell - a historical fantasy adventure by Peter Dawes

A tale of Mercenaries and Magic, set in medieval England amid the Wars of the Roses. A young boy who lost his father to violence grows into a man seeking vengeance against the killers. What he doesn't know is that those same killers are hunting for him, and he will discover that his father took far too many secrets to the grave.

Exclusive Excerpt:

I knelt before the makeshift pyre and lowered the candle’s flame to light some of the kindling. It went up quickly, flourishing without any wind to stop it from igniting. Once I was certain it had caught, I blew out the candle and licked my fingers to snuff out the wick. Paolo remained silent, only casting occasional glances at me, a small head shake indicating he saw when I slipped the candle into the satchel which hung from my mare, Tempest’s, saddle. “I thought I was the thief,” he finally said.

“Can’t let you have all the fun,” I quipped back. We exchanged a glance before both of us regarded the burgeoning conflagration before us, quickly becoming transfixed.

Paolo cleared his throat. “Did you find anything?” he asked, handing me the lead for my horse
I took it in hand. “He had a wax stamp with the symbol,” I said. “A friend of theirs at the very least if not a full ally.”

“Does this mean you’re going to see your brother?”

“I’m going off to think. Seeing my brother is an unfortunate necessity.”

Paolo and I glanced at each other at the same time. He took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. “What do you want me to tell Roland?”

I shrugged. “That Christian was being Christian. He knows better than most what that means.”