Forests of Farallon - A Fantasy by Ben McKinnon

This book is free of profanity and adult content. An exciting read for teens and adults, young and old. If you know anyone with mental special needs, this will be of particular interest to you. Read it to fully understand.


Late one night, Ben McKinnon couldn't sleep because of the thoughts bumping his brain. He awoke and yanked a brown hair from his head, pulling the thoughts out with it. A puddle of green ink flowed from the hair as he dragged it across an empty page. Faces emerged from the emerald puddle: faces with names. Jeremy, Sasha, Eric, Whytney, Daniel. They had come to tell their story. "Come with us," they said.

Eric looked Ben in the eye. "You can't just tell this story. You have to live it."

"But where are we going?" asked Ben, following them into the darkening ink. Whytney and Jeremy exchanged a glance.

"We call it Farallon," answered Jeremy.

"Yes," adds Whytney. "The Forests of Farallon. It will change your life."