Gomer: The Prostitute & The Priest by Tanya M Baker


Synopsis: have you heard the story of Gomer, the prostitute int he bible that married the priest Hosea? I bet you never heard it like this before. Pastor Tanya M Baker puts a modern day twist on this love story. A must read for the faint at heart!


She had begun a life of prostitution at the age of fourteen. That was twelve years ago, and it was all she knew. She had spent her entire adult life and the better part of her childhood in the lower echelons of prostitution. Now, imagine if the bible characters, the prostitute who marries the priest Hosea lived today and in our times, what their love story would have been like. Author, Pastor, Tanya Baker gives us an amazing fictional account of one of the greatest love stories of all time. There was more to the prostitute than what you heard. She was a woman who quickly was put in a role foreign to her and rejected. She suffered from psychological issues, rejection, post traumatic stress disorder and postpartum depression. She was like many women in ministry and those who rise from the fouls of life on the street trying to survive in a cruel world. A world that would not let her forget her past. After reading this novel, you will be inspired to love from the purest of heart and as God loves. You will hear the prostitute's side of the popular biblical tale. For she, could not have known that God had another plan for her. She, couldn't have known that she had a name that would be impossible to forget…a name of biblical proportions. She was called Gomer.