Hitman - an action Romance By Erin Trejo


Jay is a hired hitman. He is paid to kill. Jay is comfortable in the life he lives after his father passed away. Jay and his brother’s didn’t grow up in an easy life. Their father was abusive but Jay decided to take over his work after he passed. On one of Jay’s jobs he finds a woman of mystery. He doesn’t know who she is at first but once he finds out his whole world is flipped upside down. He doesn’t plan on making her a priority at first but after he learns more about her and her upbringing he feels like he has to. Jay has never had a real woman around due to his work. He tends to keep people at a distance which is understandable. When Sabrina the mystery girl gets under his skin he makes new plans. He knows who his next target is and he is determined to keep Sabrina safe from them. When she finds out what he does for a living it scares her. She wants to run but ends up in her own world of trouble. Can Jay be her saving grace? Can Sabrina be his?  Action packed and full of romance!