How Women Succeed - a non-fiction book by Carolin Zeitler

From a female engineer who works for the Canadian Space Agency and a British lady who jumps out of planes to save street children in Cambodia to a Qatari woman who is following her passion as well as "The Leading Authority on Women & Money", the authors of  the 21 success stories in this book are as varied as their definitions of success and their remarkable stories from around the globe.
Yet, there is something they all have in common: they all speak about authenticity and continuous growth being essential elements of success.

The stories are bold, brave, inspiring and thought-provoking.
The questions and self-coaching exercises that follow the stories enable the reader to not only reflect upon her own success but to actively build it, step by step.

The author of the exercises is a dance therapist, so the exercises engage different forms of creative expression like movement, voice, drawing and visualising.

Read it cover to cover or dip in and out of it as your time permits. Even as little as 20 minutes with this book will give you inspiration and insight. Why not pose a 21-day challenge to create your own success to yourself and be inspired by one story and empowered by one activity every day?

Delve into a world of successful women, real women, who you can identify with and relate to. We may all come from different countries and cultures but we still are women with aspirations and ambitions - each of us unique and yet each of us able to relate to the story of others driven by similar visions of making a difference.