In the Absence of Tricks - the biography of a former Mossad agent, by Ilan Mordoff

A round of gunfire shattered the absolute silence. I could see flashes from the muzzles. I threw myself into one of the pits and the three of them followed. We hugged ourselves and huddled together. I worried that the Syrians had found out about the escape. I stroked the children’s heads. The youngest boy’s teeth began to chatter – it was freezing, but they were chattering from fear.

"In the Absence of Tricks" tells the story of an Israeli serving as a Mossad agent between 1979 and 1986. His missions take him deep into the Muslim World and into the Communist Bloc, before the time of Perestroika and the fall of the Berlin Wall, where he executes thrilling covert missions. The author shares his compelling adventures with impeccable detail. His fascinating story will leave you breathless.