Jersey Yogi by Jim Starr

As he stood stark naked in his massage seminar, Jim wondered just how he, an average guy from a cookie-cutter neighborhood in the suburbs, had come to find himself there. An improbable series of coincidences had shaken him out of his comfortable life and into a world of New Age healing, spirituality and ashrams. He was on a path, in spite of himself.

Like so many men in Matawan, NJ, Jim Starr was essentially normal … doing his best, working for a living, paying bills, raising a family, and looking forward to the weekend bbq with friends. But what he was called to do following a devastating sports injury was so far from normal, it left him forever changed. This story is about a journey to the source, and further still, a journey to the source of the source. Jim, with his friend Don, took a chance to find the very source of the holy Ganges River in India without a guide, without understanding the language, and without anything to prove other than he could do it. And on his journey through India, a culture he could barely comprehend, he faced a life or death struggle … and found the source within himself.

'This is an authentic and gripping book.''--Swami Shankarananda

''The book is seamless...should appeal to spiritual seekers of all stripes.''--Boulder Daily Camera

''A fine pick and very highly recommended read.''--Midwest Book Review