Moondust - a heart warming story for 7 - 11 year olds by Neil Wilson

ED FROST lives in the peaceful English town of Church Stretton. He loves to observe the night sky and longs for adventures in a distant galaxy. He receives a dream birthday present – a Jason Empire telescope - but his joy is halted at school when confronted by the school bully, John ‘RAT FACE’ Anderson. Ed faces his fears. Ed prevails but a greater battle lies ahead.

Ed tests his new telescope in the daylight and spies a shadowy figure walking on the moor. Strangely, the man stops and leaves something behind before turning back the way he came. Ed and his best friend Bertie investigate. They find an old sack. Inside are two tiny Welsh terrier pups, left for dead. Moondust becomes a much loved member of the family, while Meteor’s life hangs in the balance.

Ed finds an advert for puppies in the local newspaper and phones the number to discover it's only a short distance away. He and Bertie set out to spy on the farm. On the way they meet an old foe. He has been upset by his older brother who is renting the farm and selling the puppies in a heartless money-making business. The boys make an unexpected friendship and when they arrive at the farm they are disgusted by what they see – bedraggled underfed pups, kept in dirty and cramped conditions – a cruel death camp for dogs

A courageous and daring race for life begins.

Can they rescue the pups and bring the sinister operator to justice?