My Two Lives by Jan Hunter

Maybe you believe in life after death, but do you believe in life after life?

My Two Lives is a supernatural time-travel thriller which will take you on a non-stop roller-coaster ride. Teacher, Jill Woods who keeps her life simple and her heart well protected, is pulled into a past life where she works as a governess in the magnificent Castle Beaumont.

The upheaval of being bounced back and forth from her current life to 150 years ago is almost her undoing as she struggles to reason why she has been sent back to this parallel universe.
As she slowly untangles the pieces of her current and former self, the answer becomes clear, changing her life forever.

There's humour and tension as the two worlds and cultures collide, as well as mystery, love and murder, and questions raised about reconciling ones past with ones present. Characters who are in her present life appear in the past, but in different roles, further adding to the confusion and mystery.

The author wrote much of the book in Castle Howard, renamed Castle Beaumont, and received the backing of the owner, the Hon Simon Howard. She also underwent regressive memory therapy as research for the book in order to access her own past lives.

So far the book has received 4 5 star awards as well as best book cover for a paranormal mystery from Venture Galleries.