The Cats of J-Town: A Clash of Colonies - an Action & adventures novel by Raphael N. Karp

The world of cats is in disarray. Fearing the worst, J-Town’s Teacher decides to take action. The aging she-cat sends two devoted disciples, Flax and Hiker, on a crucial assignment – to travel the breadth of J-Town and summon the colony leaders to a grand meeting. But this is no ordinary mission. Flax, an inexperienced diplomat, and his rambunctious bodyguard, Hiker, are drawn into a chaotic world of clashing ideals and beliefs, centered around the "Shargtha" – the universal code to which all cats are bound. The challenges the two travelers encounter along their journey cause Flax to doubt his character and question his beliefs. His greatest test, however, is to keep sight of the Teacher’s mission. Should he fail her, J-Town could erupt into an all-out civil war. The Cats of J-Town is a coming-of-age adventure story, which addresses contemporary social issues that leap off the pages into the turmoil of today’s world.

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