The Incorruptible - an international crime thriller by Margaret Eleanor Leigh

“Write anything about this and you will not leave Greece alive…”
Only a rash outsider would dare interfere with Greece’s illegal trade in women. Meet Agnes Jones, she’s very rash indeed…


“Intense story with an unexpected twist. This was completely different from the books I have read and with the landscape of Greece it made for intriguing suspense story. Look forward to seeing what this talented author writes in the future.”
“A really well-written, clever story. Is there anyone in Greece Aggie can trust? There are so many twists to this story and if I say too much, I will ruin it for you.”

“This is the second book I have read by Margaret Eleanor Leigh, and I liked it even better than the last one. It was a great read and I particularly enjoyed the language, phrasing and the clever descriptive pieces which come with a touch of humour. I really liked those! Also the story moved quickly and did not linger for hours on minute descriptions of one flower. Ms Leigh also has a heroine you want to pick up and shake and throw on a plane to Heathrow. How could she be so stupid, so brave and how loveable all at the same time? A good book for a lazy afternoon, that will entertain you and keep you engrossed. I shall be buying all the other books by this author. Please give this book a try, you won’t regret it.”