The Reasons Why - A Contemporary New Adult Romance by D.S. McKnight

Falling in love should be the stuff of fairy tales.  BUT - when your knight in shining armor is your step-brother, a happily ever after might not happen...

When Claudia Brown and Marcus Stevens married, they never imagined their love would turn their children's lives upside down but that is exactly what happened. For Britney and Michael, navigating the terrain of their new family was like walking through a mine field of emotions as they tried to ignore their growing attraction. One false move and everything could blow up.

This is a novella (approximately 26,000 words) - Perfect for a day at the beach.

Reviewers said:

"D.S.McKnight is not afraid to delve into a very sensitive aspect of those relationships, and constructs a compelling story that draws the reader in, hooks them and keeps them reading to the end to find out what happens to Britney and Michael." - Margorie DeLuca

"A must read - a little heartache and a lot of love..." -Sue Mahlerwein