The Wild East: Drunk on Power - a western fantasy by James Hunter

There are men and women who hold inside them tremendous power. Some can fly; others can perform feats of incredible strength; some can even peer inside the minds of those around them. Those lucky enough to be born with such gifts cannot call upon them on a whim, however. Some even go their entire lives without ever knowing the magic that lies dormant inside them because these powers require outside stimulation to be used. Once someone discovers the key to unlocking the godlike abilities inside him, that power becomes everything to him―his addiction, his vice.

One town in southeastern Texas called East has given birth to more people with vices than anywhere else in the world. It also gave birth to the most vicious and dangerous gang the world has ever known, the Vice Lords.

The Vice Lords rose to power in East after the Civil War. The town was very wealthy, as it was the main trading supply stop between Mexico and the United States. But its location was far from the reach of the Texas Rangers, who policed the state and were based in the far north Texas town of Holliday. This made it easy for a group of men with powerful vices to take control of the town through intimidation and violence. Once in complete control, the gang started to grow, recruiting outlaws and murderers with vices from all across the state. When Vice Lord chapters started popping up in every major city, the Rangers had no choice but to take action against them.

War between the two factions raged on for years, with the Rangers eventually defeating the Vice Lords and driving them over the border into Mexico. With two of the three Vice Lord founding fathers dead and their gang dissolved, peace seemed finally to be at hand. The leader who escaped, Jack Scarrs, would return to East and reestablish his grip on the town, but twenty-one years would pass and the Vice Lords would become a nightmare forgotten to the past, only ever spoken of now in the city that created them.