THE WORMHOLE EFFECT - A sci-fi thriller by Leonard Walker

The truth and the dark secrets of our government lie hidden from us. Those secrets are protected by a cadre of sentinels who live invisibly among us and carry out the will of others. Who are those mysterious men who make things disappear? Find out who fired the shot from the grassy knoll. There are some dark mysteries that simply refuse to remain hidden.

Get ready for a non-stop thrill ride that will take you to places mentioned in whispers and see things that haunt our nightmares. Take a ride through time itself, fall in love, and race to the rescue with a rogue team of Navy SEALs into a place that shouldn’t exist. Leap into the dark void of the night sky at 2 a.m. into a blast of freezing wind five miles high racing past you at 200 mph. Come face to face with the impossible and uncover the real truth behind our history.

What treasures remain hidden in the Nevada desert, and who are the mysterious men in black suits? Look beyond the lies and see the reality behind the illusion. Pull back the curtain and meet the Wizard for yourself.

Discover the secrets, share the passion, and experience…


A novel by Leonard Walker.

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