Twitter Influence - How to Manifest Power, Skyrocket Authority and Supercharge Your Business - Non-Fiction By OLEG ILIN

Here is a Quote from One of the Reviews for my Newly Published #Kindle Book:

"I found this book (Twitter Power) to be extremely helpful, direct, well written and extremely insightful so much so I would put this in my top ten business tool box items (purchasers will get the reference). This book will instruct the small business owner, as well as the casual user, on exactly what is required to become successful on Twitter with detailed, simple to understand instructions that pretty much hold your hand through the entire process. For large businesses & corporations it will give valuable insight on what to expect from your social media "team" whether "in-house" or "contracted" to make sure they are doing their job correctly & efficiently.

As the owner of two small businesses that require a strong social media presence for both promoting & growth this book instructed me step by step on how to not only make my presence known, but how to do it efficiently. Anyone who owns their own business knows how precious time management becomes on a day to day basis and if any "tool" can help with efficiency it quickly becomes invaluable and this book is one such tool."

Link to the Reviews:

This book is the first in a trilogy about Twitter marketing.  It covers the “what” – the main purpose of your Twitter activities, the major benefits of large targeted Twitter accounts and the strategies for using Twitter capabilities and newly implemented features to build social Influence on Twitter and beyond.

The other two books will be about “How” – how to develop winning content strategy to achieve the desired results, and how to avoid serious mistakes that would trump any attempt to build successful social media marketing campaign.

Without clear definition of “what” it’s impossible to develop a versatile “How”.
And since the main benefit of this book is a manual of step-by-step instructions on how to steadily increase your Twitter influence through unconventional methods, insights into inner workings of those viral and influence-building processes will help you to triple the results of your Twitter marketing campaigns.